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How to Get Stronger Nails Naturally

How to Get Stronger Nails Naturally

As you know, our nails are a true mirror of our overall health. Weak and brittle nails can be a sign of any health related problem or it could be a result of a lack of nail care. Some common causes of weak and brittle nails include health problems, nutritional deficiency, nail infection, detergents and over exposure to water. In order to get stronger nails naturally, you need to make a good nail care regimen. Here are some tips and remedies on how to get stronger nails naturally.

How to Get Stronger Nails Naturally

  • One of the best ways to get strong nails naturally is to make a balanced diet menu by including nail friendly vitamins and minerals containing food sources like protein, biotin, calcium and sulfur rich foods.
  • Avoid water exposure as much as possible. You can use rubber gloves to protect your nails from water and other harsh chemicals.
  • Try to use a good quality nail strengthener on a weekly basis. Use it as a base coat.
  • Avoid nail biting and your nails should be trimmed at regular intervals.
  • Keep your nail well moisturize. The easiest way to keep nails moisturized is to use petroleum jelly, several times a day.
  • Apply olive oil on your nails. Leave on for about 15 to 20 minutes. Moisturize your nails and hands. Olive oil is an effective way to get stronger nails naturally.
  • Make a mixture by combining honey and lemon juice. Apply it on a regular basis to get rid of brittle nails problem.
Lastly, consult your problem with a dermatologist to get an expert advice.

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